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Coming September 2023 from Scholastic – a YA horror anthology featuring chilling stories by 13 YA authors, curated by Amy McCaw and Maria Kuzniar.

Amy McCaw introduces the anthology and contributing authors here:

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Coming August 2023 from Farshore Books

A spooktacular collection of horror stories that will chill, thrill and delight middle-great readers, keeping them on the edge of (or hiding behind) their sofas! Do you dare to turn the pages and see what’s lurking inside…?

Read, Scream, Repeat brings together thirteen bestselling, award-winning authors: Kirsty Applebaum, Jasbinder Bilan, Aisha Bushby, Joseph Coelho, Rachel Delahaye, Kat Ellis, Phil Hickes, Polly Ho-Yen, Sharna Jackson, Jennifer Killick, Elle McNicoll, Dan Smith and J.T.Williams. The collection is curated by Farshore’s queen of middle-grade comedy-horror, Jennifer Killick!

Three Strikes anthology by Kat Ellis, Lucy Christopher, Rhian Ivory; pink cover with swirling black curlicues and three burning/burned matches.

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A red eye blinks in the darkness; a hidden door opens to a lost crypt; a life is held in the light of a flickering flame – welcome to Three Strikes.

Step into the unknown world of The Tribe with Kasha in The Darkness by Lucy Christopher; be entranced by the ghostly voices of The Twins of Blackfin by Kat Ellis, or lose yourself in a haunting retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Match Girl’ – Matchgirl by Rhian Ivory. Whether you like your stories dark or darker, Three Strikes is the perfect under-the-covers read!

Kat Ellis gives an introduction to The Twins of Blackfin and the inspiration behind it in this video: