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  • Harrow Lake-inspired art

    A few weeks ago, I was invited for a virtual visit with a class from Korah Collegiate & Vocational School in Canada. The students had been studying Harrow Lake for their class, and so a Q&A session seemed like the perfect way to round off their study. They had a bunch of awesome questions, and…

  • 5 Random Questions with Naomi Gibson, author of Game Over Girl

    I wanted to find out a few facts Naomi Gibson’s readers might not know about her. Enter the 5 Random Questions!

  • Kat Ellis: My 2022 in Review

    Doing a yearly review post has become a bit of a tradition (I first started it back in 2012 on my old Blogger site, RIP) and it’s a tradition I thought I’d continue as I launch this new site. So, what happened in 2022? On the writing front, foreign editions of Harrow Lake and Wicked…