5 Random Questions with J.P. Rose, author of The Haunting of Tyrese Walker

In this month’s newsletter (catch up HERE if you missed it) I interviewed J.P. Rose about her YA debut, The Haunting of Tyrese Walker a terrifyingly gripping horror story about a boy who goes with his mother to visit their family in Jamaica following the death of Tyrese’s father, and finds long-buried secrets and bone-chilling local legends waiting for him there. I loved everything about this book, so after interviewing J.P. about Tyrese, I just had to find out more about the author herself…

Enter the 5 Random Questions!

Question 1: Last book or film that made you cry?

Oh God, I cry at everything and anything. I love rewatching movies. I might write horror and gritty crime but give me a Nicholas Sparks movie or an epic saga, or Catherine Cookson or Danielle Steel and I’m in my element. I must have watched Legends of The Fall, twenty odd times. I love a good cry. What’s life without a constant box of tissues?

Question 2: If you could time-travel to any point in history, where/when would you travel to?

I often think about this as I’m such a history buff. I think I would travel back to England 1485, which is the beginning of the Tudor reign. A fascinating but brutal 118 years of a time in history. Though I would need to come be able come back, there was a lot of early death and disease!  If not the Tudors I think maybe 31 BC when Augustus Caesar declared himself as the first Roman emperor. That would be fascinating and as I studied Latin at school, I might do ok.

Question 3: Murder weapon of choice?

Haha, I’m not a Marvel fan but I love the idea that you can kill with a kiss, like the character Poison Ivy did, so my murder weapon of choice would be my kiss, failing that, pushing someone into a sea of sharks is a pretty good one.

Question 4: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Laura Branigan, Self Control!!! I love that song.

Question 5: What’s your best party trick?

You don’t want to know!!! Hahaha!

Thank you, J.P.! I’m imagining all kinds of possibilities for that party trick

About JP Rose

J. P. Rose was born in Manchester, adopted early and grew up in the Yorkshire countryside where racial tolerance ‘wasn’t even a concept’. Feeling isolated, it was animals and writing stories which kept her company. Today, J.P. is the bestselling author of over 14 adult crime novels. As a Black author with dual heritage, her passion to smash down barriers and to tell stories to ensure that all children see themselves reflected in the books they read has never left her. J. P. lives in the countryside with her family surrounded by her horses and several other animals. Having trained as a pet bereavement support worker, in her spare time she volunteers at veterinary practises and other organisations helping people come to terms with the loss of their much-loved animal companion.

You can follow J.P. on Instagram and Twitter. 

If you missed my interview with J.P. about The Haunting of Tyrese Walker, you can read it here. Also remember to sign up for my newsletter which goes out on the first Friday of every month – next month’s will be out 7th April, and will feature an interview with Melissa Welliver about her brand-new YA post-apocalyptic romcom, My Love Life and the Apocalypse.

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