5 Random Questions with Melissa Welliver, author of My Love Life and the Apocalypse

My Love Life and The Apocalypse, Melissa Welliver, Young Adult, YA

In this month’s newsletter (catch up HERE if you missed it) I interviewed Melissa Welliver about her latest YA novel, My Love Life and the Apocalypse – a post-apocalyptic romcom where a teen synth named Echo and Pandora – a teen girl survivor of the apocalypse – team up to find answers to what happened to Pandora’s family and the rest of Earth. I loved hearing how this futuristic, banter-filled roadtrip adventure came to be, so I just had to find out more about the author herself…

Enter the 5 Random Questions!

Question 1: Where would you ride out a zombie apocalypse?

I want to say something sensible like build a survival team, find a boat, start farming on an island. But I am not sensible, so I’d probably go clear out Buckingham Palace and swan around there. Or the Trafford Centre, that place is a fortress and a city rolled into one! Plus it has a Lego Land!

Question 2: Film you’ve watched the most times?

A genuine tossup between Twilight, and Independence Day. TAKE FROM THAT WHAT YOU WILL seeing as I write Speculative YA romance for a living…

Question 3: What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?

Non book related, I’d go dog breeds. I’ve had six dogs, everything from pedigree to Heinz 57s. Book related though I would go Hunger Games, I think I would bury that (books and movies!)

Question 4: If books no longer existed, what would be your dream job?

Hint in the previous question – I would love to work in a dog rescue centre, like Woodgreen Pets on The Dog House. Maybe that’s where I would also like to ride out a zombie apocalypse. Can I change my mind again?!

Question 5: You’re about to be marooned on a desert island and can choose 3 celebrities to keep you company. Who do you choose?

Bear Grylls – because, duh, he’d keep us alive AND have us out of there in no time!

Ru Paul – because he could teach me how to do makeup while Bear builds the life raft.

Boris Johnson – because we could leave him there when we sail away.

About Melissa Welliver

Melissa Welliver writes speculative fiction about how the end of the world is never really the end of the world. After studying Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, she went on to complete Curtis Brown Creative’s Writing for Children course. Her work has listed in Bath Novel Award, Mslexia, the Hachette Children’s Novel Award and the Wells Book for Children Competition. Melissa lives in the North of England with her doodles, Maude and Zelda.

You can follow Melissa on Instagram and Twitter, and visit her website here

If you missed my interview with Melissa about My Love Life and the Apocalypse, you can read it here. Also remember to sign up for my newsletter which goes out on the first Friday of every month – next month’s will be out 5th May, and will feature an interview with Claire Fraise about her YA supernatural thriller series opener, They Stay.

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