5 Random Questions with Claire Fraise, author of They Stay

In this month’s newsletter (catch up HERE if you missed it) I interviewed Claire Fraise about They Stay – the first book in her YA supernatural thriller series, where Shiloh’s little brother is abducted, and it seems like the only clues she can find as to what happened to him come via the spirits haunting the local cemetery and an unlikely set of teens from her school. I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read the next 2 in the series before book 4, They Hunt, is released this December. It was such a fantastic thriller, full of great characters and so many twists, and I couldn’t resist finding out more about the author herself…

Enter the 5 Random Questions!

Question 1: What’s the best thing that’s ever happened on your birthday?

When I turned 6 or 7, my dad took me fishing at a lake near where we lived. He took me out on the canoe, and it was this magical morning where the water was completely still and I caught a huge bass with every single cast I made. Neither of us had experienced anything like it. We must have caught 19 fish that morning.

Question 2: Do you believe aliens are real?

Definitely. The universe is too big, and we have discovered so little of it that I think it’s highly unlikely that we are the only life out there.

Question 3: What’s the best non-bookish thing you’ve ever made?

I love crocheting stuffed animals and have made a bunch of them, but my favorite has to be the crocheted Tigger doll I made.

Question 4: If you had to explore either outer space or the bottom of the ocean, which would you choose?

The bottom of the ocean – even though it might make my imagination run wild when I’m swimming.

Question 5: Murder weapon of choice?


About Claire Fraise

Claire Fraise is an award-winning author of ghostly young adult thrillers. Her books include the They Stay series and her debut novel Imperfect which she published when she was 16. When Claire is not writing, you can find her crocheting amigurumi animals, baking gluten-free desserts, or hanging out with her dog. Even though it goes against every introverted bone in her body, she is on social media.

Connect with her on YouTube at Write with Claire Fraise, Instagram at @clairefraiseauthor or visit her website at www.clairefraise.com

If you missed my interview with Claire about They Stay, you can read it here. Also remember to sign up for my newsletter which goes out on the first Friday of every month – next month’s will be out 2nd June, and will feature an interview with Cecilia Vinesse about her gorgeous new YA romcom, The Girl Next Door.

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